Nasza historia

Our history begins in the 1960s, but it is also a part of the industrial history of the Orsi Mazzucchelli Family, which started even earlier, in the far 1849.

It was a period of history when the world of industry went through subsequent and contradictory phases, from the post-war economic boom to the oil crisis in the 1970s, from the third industrial “digital” revolution to the globalization of the years 1980-2010, from the global crisis of 2008 to the Industry 4.0. One of our strong points has always been the ability to adapt to changes, and to get with the times.



Consolidation of the Group

TP REFLEX GROUP, after the acquisition in 2018, integrates the company STF S.p.A. specialized in the design and construction of molds for plastic materials and die casting.


Creation of an important Group

The acquisition of Re-Flex by T&P, leads to the creation of TP REFLEX GROUP, an important Group in the sector of components for household appliances.


Joint Venture in Turkey

The establishment of TP Reflex Turkey, another joint venture between T&P and Re-Flex in Turkey to produce flexible tubes and electrical and mechanical safety devices,
after five years of profitable cooperation in Poland.


Joint Venture in Poland

The establishment of T&P Re-Flex Polska, a joint venture created between T&P and Re-Flex in Poland for producing flexible tubes and electrical and mechanical safety devices.


T&P launches production in Poland

The establishment of T&P Polska, a new production activity of T&P in Poland, near Wroclaw, so to meet the increasing demands of important customers of the household appliances market and to ensure them a more performing and complete service.


Joint Venture in India

T&P launches a joint venture in India, with Bhaskari, in the sector of valves and water softeners for water treatment plants and dispensers, establishing Bhaskari Aqua Products.


Evolution of Tecnoplastica Prealpina

Tecnoplastica Prealpina grows, and develops the production of solenoid valves, water softneners for the household appliances market, and later the production of components for the automotive industry.

The 1960s

Tecnoplastica Prealpina and Tubiflex Lombarda established

The establishment of the company Tecnoplastica Prealpina that soon specializes in designing and manufacturing of injection molds for plastic materials and molding. At the same time also Tubiflex Lombarda is created, by Gino Restelli, a seller or rubber components, who begins the production of flexible tubes for household appliances.