Apply to become a supplier

In TP REFLEX GROUP we daily cooperate with selected suppliers to always offer the best products and services to our customers.
If you believe that also your company can help us increase our quality, please fill out this form and attach a presentation of services you can provide so that we could contact you at a later stage.

The supplies we are interested in are as follows:
Raw materials:
Thermoplastic materials for injection molding and extrusion (compounds of PVC, PP, EVA, TPU, LDPE, HDPE, PEX, PA, TPV, TPE, self-extinguishing materials, and so on.) Spring steel
Custom-made items:
Vulcanized rubber molds Brass and inox turned parts Metal (steel) molds
Metal sliced and deep-drawn parts (steel, inox steel, brass, bronze, etc.)
Optional items:
Magnets, Springs, Screws, Metal Clips Electric connectors
Molds for thermoplastic injection Molds for metal shearing and deep drawing Automated assembly and testing lines
Soldering equipment for plastic materials